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Unedited comments recieved with our sincere thanks, from our customer survey from October


  • Harvey Norman referred me to you for your expertise


  • I need to get back into printing these though so I actually see and enjoy these memories rather than just kept on file (which has been backed up a few times but not recently).


  • I recently broke my portable hard drive and lost A LOT of photos - suggestions on best ways to back up photos would be a great idea i think.


  • best thing i have done getting my old photos put on dvd at photofast . Have got some great prints and my family are impressed


  • My digital photos are all on Flickr but I still like to have an album as well.


  • I am an emotional person. I have a collection of my kids photos. I have memories of my parents,brother, sister, relatives on different occasions. whenever i have time on hand I like to go through all the memories old and new,visit my friends and relatives through their photos. I like to go through old memories the new ones too. I am happy seeing the photo's of my dear ones.There is so much of excitement, anxiety ,happiness,pleasure which reminds you of the time spent with people around you.


  • I really like the online service , I found it easy to use with so many choices of services.


  • Extremely happy with prints i get printed. colour calibration is excellent. and i love the metal printing! makes for unique present!


  • Pretty pleeeaaassse keep developing and selling 35mm and 120 film...!!!


  • Photos (and photography) is very important to me. From time to time I have prints made of my favorite photos, but the vast majority of my photos are never printed. When I do print photos I print them on canvas or as fine art prints, not as small prints to share/file away.


  • I contiguously use the camera on the photo for taking photo's .I have many a times printed photos from my camera phone. It is very impotant to keep these photo's more than the life of these photo's. I am finding solutions for backing up these photo's on a CD/DVD.I would be interested in learning more about taking great photo's on my camera phone.I would like to use instragram app or histamatic app. i use more often my camera phone than my digital camera .I would love to replace my compact digi


  • Very friendly staff n serviceis timely... Never had a complain and love to keep going back for the great service and quality


  • In this day you are surprised if you get any customer service, so when you do you stick to it. Well done!!!


  • Always great service esp when i was first learning to print new photo's from dvd photofast had scanned my old photo's on to . I really love being able to zoom in and adjust old photo's


  • Your staff is the biggest selling point of your business! and is the reason why I keep coming back rather than going to Big W where I can get it cheaper.


  • I always have a browse on your website and then come in and order. When looking at getting something different or a little more expensive done, i feel better being able to talk directly to someone. For smaller things like normal prints i would be happy to order on line though.


  • love the flexibility and helpfulness of staff no matter what the query - nothing is too much trouble


  • Photo gift products ordered in store on the weekend & being able to be picked up on the same day could be great for business if people are stuck for a gift and could easily find a suitable photo on their smart phone to print to a gift item. As long as you promote this at the front of the store somehow so people who haven't thought of it consider it.


  • Yes, smartphones can take great photos and some photographers do use a smartphone heavily for their work. But I think that like Lomography/Holgas, Instagram and Hipstamatic are just trends du jour. That said, it's great that you are facilitating people's use of photos from their phones. I may decide to make prints from cellphone photos one day. :)


  • I usually have a look online and get an idea of prices and what options are available etc - and then go into store and order using your computers/work stations. I can then ask for advice if needed which is great and has proved very useful so far:-)


  • Your super friendly staff are the best thing about shopping with you


  • I like locally owned businesses


  • Sadly few companies offer to develop 120, b&w and slide film anymore. The fact that you do is great.


  • Have only needed to use your services twice over the last year - but both times i was very impressed. Decided after the first time that i would skip everywhere else and just come to your store from then on. Was having a look at having a photo printed on your metal art and the girl who served me was extremely helpful and offered great advice on what type of finish would look best with the photo and colours i used, and even dug out an example of somthing similar to how mine would look.


  • you have always had what I need and more!


  • Even when it is a busy period like lunch - staff are able to help out if having problems. Recently was ordering a canvas and i had trouble getting photo to fit the size i wanted because my camera was on wrong setting when i took the photo. Member of staff (possibly one of the owners?) helped out and solved my problem for me. Picked canvas up last week - looks great!!


  • As I mentioned althought you are more expensive than Big W, the quality of knowledge, customer service and promptness is much better.


  • I use you because of convenience and given level of service, have not felt the need to look at other options.


  • No, you pretty much cover everything I can think of. Always use at Christmas/birthdays/anniversaries for great gifts to the family.


  • You offer far more items and services than most places. I love the metal art, and would use it more often if I could afford to do so. It's beautiful, but pricey.