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Film Processing:
35mm Colour From 1 Hour
develop - Scan - Print


35mm 120 220 APS 110 126  |  C41 Color - B&W - E6


Brisbane's longest running one hour 35mm C41 colour film development service

with a passion for film processing




Developing, scanning (scans since 98') and printing film (including single use cameras) since 1990, open for processing 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday. C41 Colour rolls developed on site with Kodak Professional C41 colour chemical quality control monitoring for reliable results.True black and white film hand developed and E6 positive slide film dip and dunk developed by our trusted out-lab partners. All films are scanned on site using professional grade Noritsu HS-1800 & LS-600 Scanners.


We provide neutral scans, true to the film stock shot, checked for quality assurance by our very experienced lab operators. Our same high level of professional quality control applies whether you choose same day or longer service times. In addition to scans we provide a multitude of ouput options, whether it's real prints, metal, canvas, gifts, photo books and more. We use Kodak QA process monitoring.


If you're just starting out or shoot for a living; we're here to help you achieve the very best from your photography. No matter what brand of film you have, we'll develop, scan and print it to perfection.
Quality First, Service Always.


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Want to process your own black & white film? We stock film processing chemicals and equipment. Click on the Buy Film button, chemicals are below film on the list.  info here  


film processing equipment - Agfa FP200 film processors, Noritsu HS1800 & LS600 film scanners, Epson Surelab D3000 archival inkjet printers, Canon Image PROGRAF 12 colour archival printer.


film types - We also process all brands of C41 process film on-site. 35mm (full frame, half frame, xpan), APS, 110 and 120/220 in 6x6 6x45, 6x7, 6x9 formats. This includes Black & White film that is designed to process through colour chemistry. We also develop True Black & White film , ready from just 2-3 week days. We can cross process 35mm, 120, 220 & 110 film (at no extra charge), which gives increased contrast and saturation with a lean to yellow hues. E6 Slide processing is available with a one week turnaround


scanning - can be done at the same time of processing or afterwards. Scaning 35mm, 120 and 220 film is always cheapest to scan at time of development.


print finish surfaces - All our printing services are available in Matte / Lustre or up to 6x9" on gloss. Gloss is ideal for general-purpose photography. It gives the print extra depth and contrast. Matte is recommended when the print is to be framed, for display or when people will be handling the photos often. The matte surface does not show finger prints as much as a glossy photo does.


service time - Developing & printing/scanning from 35mm colour film are completed from just one hour. For 120 and 220 colour film service time is from two hours. For true black & white film, the service time 2-3 week days. For slide film processed dip&dunk in true E6 chemicals drop off by 5pm Mondays and we'll have them ready the following Monday. We accept orders for same day film processing right up till one hour before the store close. Watching your budget? C41 colour develop and scan now has great deals with extended 2 or 4 work day service times. Developing film is a passion we've had since 1990 so we do understand it's not a cheap love to have!




 Fresh Australian Sourced Stock - No Grey Imports!

Flat Rate Shipping Australia Wide -  Parcel Post $7.50 - Express Post $10.00



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Film Processing Mail Order Fast Service to anywhere in Australia


Film processing, Australia, Brisbane, Queensland, NSW Sydney New South Wales NSW, Adelaide, South Australia SA, Tasmania Hobart TAS, Perth WA Western Australia, Darwin Northern Territory NT.



Send in a padded bag to



200 Mogill Road


QLD 4068


Download our film processing mail order form to send with your order - click here                      


Enclose full details using the film processing mailorder/pricelist, provide details of what you require, with name, address and contact phone number. We will contact you as soon as we recieve your film re payment.etc.


Delivery Times Standard parcel post from three days, depending on location,  Express Post next day depending on location.


Film processing with retro cameras Holgas & Fisheyes learn more



We will always handle your rolls with the utmost care. Submitting your film for processing constitutes an agreement that any loss, damage or unforeseen events by Fotofast and associated out-labs will only entitle you to replacement with an equivalent quantity/size of unexposed photographic film. Except for such replacement, our acceptance of film is without other liability, and recovery for any incidental or consequential damages is excluded.