film reprints & enlargements

film photo reprints & enlargements

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35mm, 120mm, aPS, 620,127 Sizes

A photograph is one of the most personal gifts you can give. Whether your photos celebrate a special event or just capture everyday life, they say something about you.

At Fotofast we make reprints from postcard to poster sizes.

film reprints & enlargements

easy ordering

Select your reprints from the handy numbers on the reverse of our prints, or the index photo.

from any format

We can make reprints from 35mm, APS, 110, and 120 format films. We can also print from USB, XD, Smart Media, Compact Flash, SD, Memory Stick, or CD.

choose the size

Personalize your photos by mixing the sizes, and surfaces. We can even add a white, creative, or colored border for a framed finish.

Borderless prints require a 1mm bleed to ensure clean edges. Images are scaled proportionately to fill the print area overlapping by 1mm on each side. Crucial subject matter and text should be kept clear of the sides to avoid cropping. Example demonstrates a classic 4:3 file with a 2:3 print output ratio. Here the crop needs to be shifted up to avoid trimming subjects heads. Alternatively choose the no crop feature. Your file will be fitted to the print size leaving white strips on two sides.

We can even reduce your photo to fit in a locket no matter howsmall or what shape it is - $24.95 2 hour service.Ask our friendly team about the options available.

print surfaces

All our developing and printing services are available in glossy or matte surfaces. Glossy is ideal for general purpose photography, giving prints extra depth and contrast. Matte is recommended when the print is to be framed, for display or when people will be handling the photos often. The matte surface does not show finger prints as much as a glossy photo does.

quality assurance

Compare our quality, we do not use "instant" photo paper like many now offer, we use archival photo paper made in Germany.

Service time

From 1 week days, depending on work load. Delivery Times Standard parcel post from three days, depending on location, Express Post next day depending on location.

As a part of this service you'll also receive the colour corrected scan, please advise if you need the scans they will be sent by Dropbox.

mail order form

mail order form

Mail Order Fast Service to anywhere in Australia

Film reprint processing, Brisbane, Queensland, NSW Sydney South Wales, Adelaide, South Australia SA, Tasmania Hobart, Perth WA Wstern Australia, Darwin Northern Territory NT.

Send in a padded bag to:

200 Mogill Road
QLD 4068

Enclosed full details of what you want done, name, address, contact phone number, we will contact you as soon as we receive your order re payment.

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