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Fotofast have been the experts in developing and printing for over twenty years. We use the latest technology and finest quality materials to produce archival quality photographs from digital files you'll value for a lifetime, achieving unmatched colour accuracy, clarity and sharpness. Whether you have a square, rectangle or panoramic image there's a print ratio to suit every shot. Choice of white borders or regular borderless single image prints. Huge range of preset collages available or create your own freestyle layout for a unique personalised collage. Collage & freestyle layouts are single rate pricing only. A $10 minimum order value applies to all orders (excluding shipping).


Print sizes 3.5x5"(9x13cm) / 4x4"(10x10cm) / 4x8"(10x20cm) up to 12x18"(30x46cm) / 12x12"(30x30) / 12x48"(30x122cm) are produced on Kodak Professional resin coated 255gsm photographic paper with Epson archival inks. Prints have a larger colour range (expanded gamut) than ever before. Available in rich gloss for extra depth and vibrancy or smooth lustre surface for a softened but equally vibrant finish. Lustre is recommended when prints are to be framed or handled often.


Poster sizes 16x20"(41x51cm) / 14x14"(35x35cm) / 16x32"(41x81cm) up to 24x36"(61x91cm) / 24x24"(61x61cm) / 24x72"(61x183cm) are produced on Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl resin coated 310gsm photographic paper with HP archival inks.








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Production Time


Service time of 1 hour is dependant on workload, quantity, store trading hours and may be longer during peak periods. Call ahead to confirm turnaround if you have a deadline to meet.




Order by 3pm on weekdays and we'll ensure your prints are shipped out the same day. Select Regular Priority Post (from 2-7 week days) or Express Post (from 1 week day in metro areas) when you need them as soon as possible. On occasion courier services are contracted to ensure delivery as soon as possible. Prices are calculated dependant on size with a base rate and per print (pp) charge. When ordering a variety of sizes across different postal rates the base rate of the largest print is used and per print (pp) rates are based on each print size. See the examples below for further clarification. We post Australia wide.


Priority Post

Express Post

up to 8x12"/8x8"/6x12"

base rate $4.95
+ $0.04 per print


up to 12x18"/12x12"/12x48

base rate $9.95
+ $0.60 per print


All Larger Sizes

base rate $12.95
+ $0.80 per print




Shipping Examples


Shipping Example A: 10 x 8x10" Prints

Priority Post- $4.95+(10x $0.04)= $5.35

Express Post- $7.43+(10x $0.06 )= $8.03


Shipping Example B : 150x 5x7" Prints

Priority Post- $4.95+(150x $0.04c)= $10.95

Express Post- $7.43+(150x $0.06c)= $16.43


Shipping Example C : 20x 6x6" Prints and 4x 12x12" Prints

Priority Post- $9.95+(20 x $0.04)+(4x $0.60)= $13.15

Express Post- $14.93+(20x $0.06)+(4x $0.90)= $19.73


Payment Options


Mastercard or Visa via Paypal (PayPal account not required / Paypal simply facilitates the transaction))


Web Browser


To eliminate any problems make sure that you have the latest version of your browser We recommend Chrome or Firefox as better alternatives to Internet Explorer and Safari


File Types


Fotofast prints from Jpeg files (.jpeg/.jpg) Prefferred colour space is sRGB though we can also accept Adobe RGB (1998) and ProPhoto RGB. We suggest converting any kanji naming of files to English before uploading to avoid any technical issues or delays with your order.
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