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Iford, Kodak, Fotospeed, black and white film film processing chemicals now available in store in Brisbane at Fotofast.


We also sell Brisbane's largest range of black & white and colour film.


ILFORD has a long tradition of commitment to Black and White photography. Their dedicated employees are passionate about Black and White and manufacture products to a consistently high quality. ILFORD continues to explore the potential of Silver Halide in Black and White photography supporting Professionals, Enthusiasts, Students and Teachers alike. ILFORD recognises that education establishments are very important to the future of photography & will promote the passion for Black and White.

Download Resources: Processing your First Black & White Film , Film Processing Chart ,
Film Development Charts , Temperature Time Compensation Chart.

Manufacturers website:



You’ve captured your vision in the fascinating world of black and white. Whether your image is powerful, subtle, mysterious, or real, you want your work to evoke an emotion or express your viewpoint. No one can help you do that better than Kodak. Our range of chemicals for both film and paper help you achieve your own distinctive look. Experiment and see for yourself. Our Black and White processing chemicals complement Kodak’s and other manufacturers’ films, and are available in a variety of sizes.

Download Resources: How to Process Black & White Film , Film Processing Chart

Manufacturers website:


Fotospeed have been manufacturing Black & White Chemistry for over 25 years. Our products are manufactured, bottled and packaged in the UK. We all know that photography is just as much an art, a passion, a creative discipline, as a practical demonstration of the chemistry. We also know that sometimes a little magic is needed to create that unique image. Sometimes that magic is a technique discovered by error, sometimes through persistent trial and error in the alchemist’s office known to us all as the darkroom.

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ILFORD ILFOSOL 3 black and white film developer is a one-shot, general-purpose, liquid black and white film developer. Particularly suited for use with medium and slow speed films where it ensures a fine grain and optimal sharpness at full film speed. LIQUID CONCENTRATE DIlutes 1+9 or 1+14


Tech Specs

 Material Safety Data Sheet

500ml $29.95



ILFORD ID-11 is a fine grain film black & white developer for all general film processing requirements where fine grain negatives are required without loss of emulsion speed. It is recognised internationally as a standard in many fields of scientific and technical photography. ID-11 produces excellent results with all films and is ideal where a wide range of films and film speeds have been used.



Tech Specs

Material Safety Data Sheet A

Material Safety Data Sheet B

1L MIX $12.95


KODAK PROFESSIONAL D-76 Film Developer provides full emulsion speed and excellent shadow detail with normal contrast, and produces fine grain with a variety of continuous-tone black-and-white films. It yields a long density range, and its development latitude allows push processing with relatively low fog.
Yields full emulsion speed and good shadow detail with normal contrast.



Tech Specs

 Material Safety Data Sheet

1L MIX $11.95


Fotospeed FD10, a fine grain black & white film developer concentrate giving rated film speed and the high edge sharpness expected from solvent type developers. It is a one shot developer which gives identical results on each occasion with the need to store stock solution eliminated.

LIQUID CONCENTRATE DIlutes 1+9 or 1+14


Tech Specs

 Material Safety Data Sheet

250ml $14.95


1L $23.95



Stop Baths

ILFORD ILFOSTOP is a low odour citric acid stop bath. After development we recommend that films are rinsed in an acid stop bath to stop development immediately and neutralise the developer to help maintain the activity of the fixer bath. ILFOSTOP helps to maintain the activity and prolong the life of the fixer

solution by reducing carry over of excess developer (alkaline) into the fixer bath (acidic). LIQUID CONCENTRATE DIlutes 1+19


Tech Specs

 Material Safety Data Sheet

500ml $25.95



KODAK Indicator stop bath is a non-hardening, general-purpose stop bath for use with films and papers. Contains an indicator to signal exhaustion.


Tech Specs

 Material Safety Data Sheet

473ml $14.95



Fotospeed SB50, an odourless stop bath with indicator dye to warn of exhaustion. Makes for a more pleasant darkroom environment due to its odourless formula. LIQUID CONCENTRATE DIlutes 1+19


Tech Specs

 Material Safety Data Sheet

1L $29.95




ILFORD RAPID FIXER is a non-hardening rapid fixer supplied as a liquid concentrate that is diluted with water for use. For fixing black and  white film in all manual tanks and machines. LIQUID CONCENTRATE DIlutes 1+4


Tech Specs

 Material Safety Data Sheet

500ml $21.95


1L $28.95


Fotospeed FX30 is an odourless fixer suitable for all B&W materials. Makes for a pleasant working environment. The use of stop bath is recommended to extend the life of the fixer. LIQUID CONCENTRATE Dilutes 1+9


Tech Specs

 Material Safety Data Sheet

1L $29.95



Rinse / Wash Aids

ILFORD ILFOTOL is a non-ionic wetting agent used as a final rinse before drying films. It can be used in all manual and machine processes to aid rapid even drying and so greatly reduce the risk of drying marks being formed. Additionally it can be used to clean glass and plastic lenses and filters and as an antistatic treatment. LIQUID CONCENTRATE DIlutes 1+200


Tech Specs

 Material Safety Data Sheet

1L $34.95


PHOTO-FLO 200 rinse solution decreases watersurface tension, minimizes water marks and streaks on film. Promotes faster, more uniform drying.



Tech Specs

 Material Safety Data Sheet

473ml $11.95


Fotospeed RA50 Rinse Aid is a highly concentrated liquid designed to greatly reduce surface tension to allow the easydispersion of water from the surface of photographic materials without damaging the emulsion. Used in thefinal rinse, it noticeably promotes streak free drying of film and shortens drying times.|


Tech Specs

 Material Safety Data Sheet

500ml $17.95





Black and white film developers, film fixers, film stop bath, Brisbane's only stockist.