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the truth about video tape

Most people don’t realize that VHS Tapes Degrade After Only 8 Years, humidity in Queensland can be a killer!


Fotofast can preserve your VHS tapes by converting them to DVD.


The VHS tapes of your wedding, your child’s first steps, and Mom and Dad’s 50th anniversary party are starting to deteriorate. What???


Yes, it is true, and sadly few people realize that even under optimum conditions, the life span of a VHS tape is short. Extreme temperatures cause tapes to warp. Humidity rusts the magnetic tape. Furthermore, magnetic storage media (your VHS tape) degrades after each use. Basically, you are watching your memories vanish before your very own eyes. What’s worse, demagnetized tapes cannot be repaired or recovered—ever.


To the rescue: Fotofast , your “Memory Preservation Experts.” Bring us that box of VHS tapes you have stashed by your TV and we’ll transfer them to mp4 files before it is too late.


Because really, do you want to rely on your actual memory to preserve your memories?




Fotofast can assist with more than just VHS


Home movies, old photographs, vacation slides… those precious memories that won’t be forgotten. At Fotofast we can create a video compilation of those moments for you to treasure. Perfect for anniversary, wedding, graduation or just to get organized.


Our state-of-the-art professional video lab has the latest in video equipment technology to archive and preserve your film, movie and video memories.