photos scanning PREPARATION hints

Photo scanning preparation hints

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A life’s time of memories to preserve and share, with shelves of photo albums, slide boxes and home movies; it’s a daunting task that we often put off for another “rainy day”

  1. With photos, start with one album at a time, starting with the oldest album.

  2. Keep a running sheet, number your album 1-xx, title the album, this is for your use and make it easier to put the photos back in, we will create a “folder” 1 that you can refer back to.

  3. Choose only the best photos if you have duplicates of the one event. Choose scenery photos with people you know in them, unless they have special significance.

  4. Place photos face up so that they will be scanned in time order, 1st goes on the bottom.

  5. Place them in a large envelope labelled 1-xx so we will scan all of your photos in order. This is excellent for creating photo books, they will automatically be in order, photo books are one of the many options you have with photo scans.

  6. We have a “Scanbox” special of 500 scans for only $149 so note how many you are placing in each envelope.

  7. With slides, the scans are $1 for a minimum of 36 slides, use the same method of choosing slides but place the first one on the top and band together.

  8. Movies, number using the same method as above.

scanning preparation hints


Refer to our SCAN BOX price list for technical details, or call 07 3229 5083.

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