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There is nothing worse than a camera displaying "No Images Found" after you've just taken a holiday's worth of pictures, or a computer throwing up error messages after you've inserted a memory card to transfer your precious images over. Before you do anything, contact the Data Data corruption is an unfortunate fact of the digital world. No matter the format and no matter the file type, we can help.


At Fotofast in Brisbane, we’ve got special hardware and software that can often recover lost or scrambled images, even from cards that have been reformatted.


Just bring us your memory card, don’t make matters worse by taking additional photos. We’ll transfer recovered photos to a CD or DVD .



card size


up to 512MB card


up to 1.0GB card


up to 2.0GB card


up to 4.0GB card




Recovery Time - It can take up to 8 hours or more depending on the size of the card

It’s guaranteed - If we can’t recover any pictures there is no charge.


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